Batman can't catch a break. Until he does.

Listen, saying I’m looking forward to this movie would be like the Colonel saying he couldn’t wait for the new batch of chickens he was going to fry up to arrive.  As a Batman fan, it goes without saying.

However, that Kentucky fried enthusiasm for the movie only carried through in the conception of this picture, because at some point during the pencilling I just rushed to get it inked because I wanted to get to the Photoshop practicing.  As a result, the lines got sloppier, and I got less finger-licking satisfaction out of this picture than the last Batman one.

Plus, the Heath Joker is just a lot more visually interesting than Tom Hardy Bane.  It’s like comparing fried chicken to boiled chicken.  And I am not talking about the performances of the actors nor the tastes of the differently prepared poultry.  Both, I am sure, are worth my time and enthusiasm, but visually I’d rather be looking at a plate of Southern fried chicken smothered in gravy than a boiled chicken leg.

I’m going to end there, as I need to go get some food in me.  Possibly from a bucket.  But here’s another doodle just because this post excedes two paragraphs (that’s a rule, yeah?).  And always remember:  Do not get chicken grease on your comic books.

An oldie from the sketchbook, Owlman!